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    CSC TCE Courseware Factory

    For the production of training products, CSC's Training Center of Excellence (TCE) employs a comprehensive methodology called The Courseware Factory process. This unique approach -- pioneered and matured by the TCE -- adapts the principles of systems engineering and applies them to courseware production. This approach:

    1. Incorporates the time-proven Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process.
    2. Is consistent with the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute initiative.
    3. Employs the procedures of incremental testing and review.

    For example, courseware developers employ object-oriented programming to permit insertion of the code they write as a template or object, which can be inserted into many programs and reused. This reuse principle speeds the development of many types of CBT screens.

    Standard processes and protocols enhance standardization by cueing analytical and procedural tasks throughout production to foster consistency and provide documentation. The distinct phases of The Courseware Factory process ensure structure, discipline and oversight to courseware production. Combined with established CSC quality assurance procedures, which ensure quality by oversight, the Courseware Factory process ensures quality, by design, for all courseware from the ground up.

    By combining a dedicated and flexible staff with a program of total quality management, the TCE is geared to provide its single most important product -- customer satisfaction -- through quality products. The TCE exploits today's rapidly evolving training technologies and uses leading-edge methodologies to provide training solutions uniquely crafted and customized to fulfill individual customer needs, schedule, and budget.

    The benefits of The Courseware Factory to CSC's customers are products that work as planned, delivered on time, on budget -- and at a lower cost.

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